We design compact food autoclaves for the production of preserved food and ready meals

We accompany and advise researchers, entrepeneurs, chefs, institutions and manufacturers of preserved food.

producción a pequeña escala de pequeños productores, restauradores y chefs, microemprendedores, laboratorios y departamentos de I+D+i de la industria alimentaria y del packaging

TERRA Food-Tech® was created in 2017 to respond to the needs of small producers, restaurateurs, chefs, entrepreneurs and laboratory technicians of R&D departments of the food and packaging industry.

With over 45 years of pioneering expertise in sterilization equipment, RAYPA has firmly established itself as a leading global brand in laboratory equipment. Our latest innovation, TERRA Food-Tech® compact autoclaves, promises an user-friendly solution for processing a variety of packaged food items, gourmet preserves, and ready meals. Designed with a focus on absolute safety, our technology ensures an optimal blend of efficiency and precision.

Autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech® para elaborar estudios y pruebas en lotes piloto de alimentos y envases

Do you want to market gourmet preserves or ready meals?

In order to make your prepared packaged foods market-ready for retail outlets like supermarkets, it’s essential to process your products with treatments such as pasteurization or sterilization.

You require professional-grade equipment, such as our food autoclaves, to ensure optimal results. Moreover, you will benefit from our comprehensive support, designed to assist you in successfully implementing your project.

Autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech® para centros formativos de cocina, industria alimentaria o del packaging

Do you conduct research on new product formulas or packaging materials?

Laboratories and R&D departments within the food and packaging industry understand the paramount importance of testing quality and assessing the preservation of new products before they’re launched into the market. These rigorous evaluations are critical to ensuring the product’s safety, longevity, and consumer satisfaction.

Our autoclaves are an essential piece of equipment for conducting scientific tests on food and packaging at a smaller scale.

Autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®

Does your school offer courses related to the food or packaging industry?

At TERRA Food-Tech®, we actively collaborate with professional schools, academies, and universities that offer specialized courses, vocational training programs, undergraduate degrees, and masters in the fields of culinary arts, food industry, and packaging. Our goal is to foster educational excellence by providing industry-relevant resources. If you aim to provide a 100% practical education that meets the needs of the current job market, it’s essential to equip your laboratory with a lab-scale food autoclave.

TERRA Food-Tech® is much more than a manufacturer of food autoclaves, we also offer technical and food consultancy services.

Investing in one of our autoclaves extends beyond simply purchasing a professional-grade device for pasteurizing or sterilizing your preserves or for testing your product quality. It also means gaining access to our team of food engineering technicians who will provide ongoing support and expert advice throughout every stage of the thermal process. Whether you need guidance before, during, or after the process, our team is committed to ensuring you achieve the best possible results. At TERRA Food-Tech®, we believe in the significance of providing comprehensive food consultancy services. Our objective is to empower you to fully leverage the capabilities of your autoclave, ensuring optimal performance and the highest possible return on your investment. Only through this comprehensive support can you achieve your goals and swiftly realize a return on your investment. Our commitment is to ensure your success and the sustained efficiency of your operations. Indeed, our primary objective as a company is to sell autoclaves. However, our approach is far from ordinary. Your satisfaction is our best advertisement.
Autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®

The satisfaction of our clients speaks volumes about us.

“We needed a modern, intelligent, reliable and fully controllable autoclave to adapt it to our specific needs, and TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave has fully met our requirements.”

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Xavier Roura
Owner of Spherience

“Both myself and my team are delighted with the TERRA Food-Tech autoclave ®. It has met all our expectations and the most important thing is that it has allowed us to work with quality and safety. Without a doubt it has been a great purchase.”

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Luca marchini
Michelin-starred chef and owner of Bottega da Re

“The world of packaged food will always be a good business opportunity, as they have a long shelf life, can be kept at room temperature, maintain their nutritional properties and can be distributed to many sectors of society.”

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Mireia Barba
President of the Espigoladors Foundation

“At Foz-Clua Asparagus we are very happy with both the autoclave and the technical service. We would recommend it a thousand times over.”

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Rubén Foz
Owner of Foz-Clua Asparagus

“With the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave everything has become much simpler. We only press four buttons and its done. The data are taken by the autoclave itself and you do not need to supervise the process at all.”

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María and Gonzalo
Owners of Come Frutos del Bosque

“The autoclave is a fundamental piece of our production process, part of our preparations are cooked in the jars themselves at low temperatures inside the autoclave before starting the sterilization process at high temperatures.”

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Augusto Gil
Owner of Tarro Verde

“With the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave I have been able to set up my own small batch production facility and do not have to rely on external co-packers which provides me with total control of my business and a lot of flexibility.”

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David O’Brien
Ultra runner and Supernatural Fuel owner

“Without the autoclave, it would have been very difficult for us to produce our high-quality canned food for dogs and cats. Because in addition to requiring an excellent presentation, we also needed a long shelf life and an easy storage.”

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Markéta Táborská
Owner of Hundebar

“We highly recommend TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves. And we do it mainly for its value for money and its great technical service. A fast and efficient technical service is essential for a family workshop whose production interruption can become a major problem.”

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Helena Ribot and Alexandre Amir
Owners of Virtute Naturae

“The work of the autoclave is essential because if it did not perfectly pasteurize our vegetable bases, everything done before would be of no use. It plays a central role, that is why we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to find the pasteurization times that best suit our products.”

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Gaston Chritin de Miquel
Founding Partner en CUICK

“From BDN we always recommend TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves both for large companies that need a pilot equipment to carry out tests before going into production, as well as for SMEs that want to start a business based on sterilized food.”

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Albert Monferrer
Technical Manager of BDN Food Engineering

“We definitely recommend the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave. This has been key to the success of our objective, which has been to be able to launch a new range of products on the market.”

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Enric Hernández
Production Manager of Mallart Artesanos Charcuteros

“The importance of an autoclave is unquestionable because without it, it is impossible to pasteurize and/ or sterilize and, therefore, you can’t meet the requirements set by health authorities.”

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Antoni Izquierdo
Founder of Antoni Izquierdo Gourmet and head chef at Mas dels Arcs restaurant.

“The TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave plays a very important role in the development of our business, in terms of new products, lower defect rate, faster processing time and better preservation.”

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Ignatius Zaldy
Manager Director of EatNow Food (MyMeal Catering)

“5 stars! The customer service experience provided by TERRA Food-Tech® was first class throughout the different Project stages. They responded quickly to our emails, were available for numerous video conferences, and had a positive, collaborative and helpful attitude in all our interactions.”

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Phil Holtam
Sussex Surplus Co-Fuounder

“The TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave offers many settings that can help lower the cooking temperature, while at the same time giving you the assurance that your food is top-notch.”

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Michael Pedersen
Chef and owner of Tilberedt

“TERRA Food-Tech®’s autoclave has been a very important element for our business, without it we would not have been able to sell any of our products with a long shelf life. We are very happy with our autoclave and the consultancy services we received.”

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Iris van Beers and Esther van der Hoeven
Founders of MixBlik

“I would definitely recommend the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave for its price-quality ratio. Having everything ready with one piece of equipment without the need for additional steam systems or external air compressors is very convenient.”

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Stefano Rondelli
Founder of Quattro Stagioni

“From Peixos Mielgo we recommend TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves because it is a very good machine to start in the world of canning and ready meals. We would recommend it without hesitation because they are small in size, they do almost all the work in an automated way, they show you everything with graphics. They are easy to use and save you a lot of time and headaches.”

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Iván and Esther
Owners of Peixos Mielgo

“The TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave is essential! Compact, efficient, safe and able to guarantee full traceability of our product batches. The expense is amortized within a short period of time and the service offered is excellent.”

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Roberto Pisano
Chef and owner of La Spigola restaurant

“Today, the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave is part of our production process and is already an essential element, because it allows us to achieve a very accurate heat treatment and provides long shelf life.”

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Carles Fluvià
Owner and production manager of Pibernat
Autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®

Teresa and Ramón Espinar, the siblings at the helm of this project

TERRA Food-Tech® is the personal endeavor of Teresa Espinar and Ramón Espinar. These siblings are the driving forces behind RAYPA, a company specializing in laboratory autoclaves manufacturing. Founded in the 70s by their father, Ramón Espinar Aguilar, RAYPA has grown under their stewardship, evolving its expertise and expanding its horizons into food technology.

In 2008, the siblings took the reins of the family business, providing the necessary momentum to adapt to the evolving market needs. Their vision and drive have enabled the company to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring its continued relevance and success. It was during this time that they identified a market need for a product line focused on the sterilization and pasteurization of packaged food. In response, RAYPA’s R&D department developed a new line of compact equipment, specifically designed for small producers of preserves and ready meals. And so in 2017 TERRA Food-Tech® compact autoclaves were born.

Unity and passion: TERRA Food-Tech®

As avid enthusiasts of gourmet cuisine and natural products, Teresa and Ramón merged their passions and even their names together. The TERRA brand name is indeed derived from the initials of the two siblings’ names. TEResa and RAmón, thus creating a name that not only reflects their personal connection but also symbolizes a strong link to Earth and the products derived from it, which can then be packaged and treated with TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves.

The TERRA Food-Tech® team

Despite our expansion into multiple countries and our growth as a company, TERRA Food-Tech® remains committed to preserving our essence and honoring our history. At TERRA Food-Tech®, we are a small yet dedicated team of individuals guided by a fundamental principle: a strong customer service orientation. We work with passion, kindness, and resilience, aiming to innovate and locally produce compact food-grade autoclaves that surpass the expectations of our customers.

Equipo de fabricación de las autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®

RAYPA, the origin

Since its establishment in 1974, RAYPA has emerged as a global leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales service of laboratory autoclaves and food analyzers. We take pride in offering a wide range of products for various sectors and market applications. What sets us apart is that all our products are meticulously designed and manufactured entirely in our state-of-the-art factory located in Barcelona, Spain. This ensures an exceptional level of attention to detail and superior build quality. By maintaining full control over the manufacturing process, we can uphold the highest standards and deliver reliable and durable equipment to our customers.

In addition to providing expert technical support and excellent customer service, we place special emphasis on creating economically viable products that are reliable, safe, environmentally sustainable, and built to withstand years of use with outstanding performance. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to develop solutions that minimize environmental impact while delivering exceptional value and longevity.

As our global presence expands, RAYPA remains committed to fostering a company culture that promotes an inclusive environment, encourages creativity, and drives continuous improvement. We firmly believe that by nurturing a diverse and collaborative workplace, we can harness the collective talents and perspectives of our team members to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to our customers. We invite you to join our growing community of satisfied customers and experience the RAYPA difference for yourself.

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Our mission

Our mission is to not only produce autoclaves but also to provide expert advice to our customers. We strive to help them produce packaged foods that retain their organoleptic characteristics while ensuring the utmost guarantee of food safety.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a global benchmark in the production of preserves and ready meals.

Our values


Many people are surprised to hear us say that we are passionate about what we do. Indeed, we deeply understand the crucial role we play in producing safe and high-quality food.


We maintain direct and personalized contact with each of our clients. Proximity and empathy are essential elements in building lasting and high-quality relationships.


Since our inception, TERRA Food-Tech® has collaborated with several charitable causes. Among them, the Josep Carreras Foundation, donating part of our profits to fight leukemia.


Learning, developing, and growing in the face of difficulties. That’s what our customers do every day. And we do it with them. That’s why the professionals on our team are men and women with a constant learning mindset and a problem-solving attitude.


The direct collaboration with our customers enables us to gain a detailed understanding of their needs and requests. This, in turn, drives our internal team of engineers to constantly conceive and design new solutions. Our objective is to ensure that our autoclaves fully adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.

Continuous improvement

Based on the principles of Lean Management, we are committed to seeking new ways to optimize time, minimize unnecessary processes, and thereby reduce efforts and unnecessary expenses. Lean Management focuses on eliminating waste, improving efficiency, and maximizing value for customers. All this, without forgetting the well-being of our team and, of course, of our customers and collaborators.

Environmental sustainability

There is only one planet, and it is essential to take care of it. That’s why we have implemented a variety of initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability in all our operations. These efforts include investing in renewable energy sources, reducing waste and emissions, and using recycled materials and eco-friendly processes.

TERRA Food-Tech® in figures

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Satisfied customers worldwide

Warranty, technical support, and maintenance

All TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves are warranted for 1 year including repair or replacement of any defective component and even full replacement of the product as required. And, so that your production never stops, we offer you the option of contracting a preventive maintenance service.

In the event of any breakdown, we have a team of specialized technicians and stocks of spare parts and components to facilitate urgent shipments worldwide. Our prompt response ensures that repairs are carried out efficiently, minimizing downtime for our customers.

Mantenimiento de autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®

Quality certifications

All our autoclaves are manufactured from start to finish in our facilities located in Terrassa, Barcelona. We maintain stringent quality standards throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the delivery of the best equipment to our customers.

Certificados de calidad de las autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®: marcado CE

ISO 9001:2015:

We are committed to excellence in quality management, and we are proud to be certified by SGS.

Certificados de calidad de las autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®: RoHS

CE marking:

We have the CE marking in all our autoclaves and we are certified by TÜV.

Normas de construcción de las autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®: estándares AD 2000 Merkblatt


We guarantee that no environmentally hazardous substances have been used in the manufacture of our equipment.

Construction standards for pressure vessels


All our autoclaves are built in accordance with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU.

Normas de construcción de las autoclaves alimentarias TERRA Food-Tech®: cámaras en acero inoxidable

The design codes of all our autoclave chambers are designed according to AD 2000 Merkblatt standards.

Normas de construcción de las autoclaves alimentarias

The sterilization chambers of all our autoclaves are made of high quality stainless steel grade AISI-316L, an extremely corrosion resistant alloy.