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In this post we debunk a large number of false beliefs, stories and myths about the production and consumption of

TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves for trade schools, the essential tool for proper practical training Any trade school, academy or university that

Did you know that the pH of food is essential for preservation and safety of gourmet preserved food and ready

We explain in detail which foods can be sterilized in a TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave In order to sterilize or pasteurize

All the details to understand what F0 value is and what role it plays in the sterilization of preserved foods

Antoni Izquierdo, after more than 52 years as one of the gastronomic references of Palamós and El Baix Empordà, regions

Discover the enormous potential of selling gourmet canned food, a great business opportunity According to the dictionary, canned food, such

All you need to know about sterilization of gourmet preserved food or ready meals for subsequent commercialization Packaged food sterilization

inicio Table of Contents Food processing techniques to prevent food deterioration and ensure good condition during consumption Human beings have

We’ve performed a direct comparison of sterilization vs pasteurization using TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves Both pasteurization and sterilization are thermal processing

Producing preserved food can be a business opportunity for farmers, since it is a way to monetize your crops and

Precautions and risks to consider during pasteurization and sterilization of packaged food If you professionally make gourmet canned food and/or

In addition to allowing time and money savings, making canned food at restaurants is also a great business opportunity The

Discover all the steps to follow for proper autoclave maintenance The equation is very simple: correct use and proper maintenance

Download this complete dictionary with the definitions of the main terms used in the canning world. Are you involved in

Home Table of Contents We explain the reasons why it is essential that in your gourmet preserves there is an

More and more foundations are betting on initiatives aimed at the production of canned food with social value Surely this

The advantages of having an autoclave are that allows you to memorize all the variables to prepare your preserves and/or

Do you want to know what is behind a good container? We will start this article with a daily situation:

5 steps to create your own preserved food business At TERRA Food-Tech® we have been providing our support and knowledge

Key tips to ensure that your preserves and ready meals do not suffer unexpected changes in their smell, taste, color