Accessories for TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves

Accessories for TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves

Our autoclaves have a wide range of accessories to fully adapt to your production needs.

We know the market varies a lot, it is always in constant evolution and so is your production. For this reason, TERRA Food-Tech® offers you a wide range of accessories so that our autoclaves, both vertical and horizontal, can adjust to these changes and adapt to your current needs.

Whether you are a small producer or a chef and your thing is the elaboration of gourmet preserves and prepared meals, or if you are a member of a training center or a cooking school, or you belong to the R&D departments of the food and packaging industry. In this article you will learn about the different possibilities we offer you to make your work easier and help you save time and money in the medium and long term.

General accessories for TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves

The following accessories are suitable for you, whether you have a horizontal autoclave and produce gourmet preserves or teach your students to do so. As for your food and packaging laboratory, which researches and develops new products using one of our vertical autoclaves:

Water softener

Highly recommended to prevent lime scale residues from being deposited in the pipes and inside the sterilization chamber. In fact, we recommend this accessory to all customers who do not have a soft water mains connection. This is a water softener with an 11L ion exchange resin water tank that provides the autoclave with the soft water it needs for proper operation.

Specialized software

A specific software program that allows an individual lot report for small producers and for R&D departments to track product traceability. The software provides control, analysis and record keeping of the thermal processes conducted in the autoclave.

All sterilization parameters are continuously monitored and recorded to ensure proper operation of the equipment, including F0-P values0, batch number and evolution over time of Σ%F0 and Σ%P values0. All process data can be exported and analyzed individually with a dedicated software. Data from each cycle can be further analyzed with detailed graphs and reports in .CSV or .PDF format.

Embedded printer

This accessory allows you to obtain a paper document of each cycle performed in the autoclave. This will help you to improve the traceability of your factory, workshop or laboratory, since it records and prints tickets with the data of each cycle, batch number, program name, evolution of parameters, time and day and error messages.

Additional flexible probe

TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves are equipped with a chamber probe and a flexible probe as a standard feature. In addition, a second flexible probe can be added if you want a more comprehensive record of the treatment process. It is especially useful for research centers that want to collect more data during product development studies, in order to compare the effect of different containers when using the same recipe.

Drilling kits for containers

With the purchase of one of our autoclaves, you will receive a drilling kit for containers with rigid lids, ideal for use with containers with metal lids. If you have opted for other types of containers, such as semi-rigid ones with flexible walls like plastic trays, we recommend the THW-PG-V kit for vertical models and the THW-PG-H kit for benchtop models.

Temperature data logger in disk format

This accessory includes a data logger, a USB connection base and software that allows temperature monitoring of hermetically sealed containers such as bags, pouches or doypacks, where the use of a drilling kit and a flexible probe is not feasible. In order to do this, just insert the disk inside the product, process the load, retrieve the data logger and place it in the connection base to retrieve all the process data.

Accessories for TERRA Food-Tech® vertical autoclaves

Accesorios para las autoclaves verticales de TERRA Food-Tech®.

Vertical autoclaves are designed for pasteurization or sterilization of medium or large quantities of gourmet preserves. Therefore, the different accessories available are designed to make your work easier:

Basket lifting cranes

Fixed or mobile lifting cranes for safe placement and removal of baskets with heavy loads inside the sterilization chamber of the autoclave. Specially designed for larger models and customers with high production requirements.

Standard and custom-made baskets and racks

Stainless steel tray support that allows to increase the production of trays by incorporating multiple levels, without the need to stack one container on top of another.

Silicone separator

Useful accessory to place one product on top of another to avoid scratches or breakage during processing. Highly recommended for containers with low scratch resistant coatings.

As you can see, the limits of our vertical autoclaves are very few. At TERRA Food-Tech® we explore all possible options to meet the needs of small producers, chefs, entrepreneurs, foundations, cooking schools, food industry, etc.

Learn more about our vertical autoclaves and about us!

Accessories for TERRA Food-Tech® benchtop autoclaves

Accesorios para las autoclaves horizontales o de sobremesa de TERRA Food-Tech®.

Horizontal or benchtop autoclaves are characterized by their smaller capacity and size, and they are also specially designed for research in R&D centers in the food and packaging industries.

Additionally, these types of autoclaves also come with accessories to ease the work and fully utilize the equipment’s loading capacity.

Rack for trays

Useful rack to put the different trays where the containers are placed and make the most of the autoclave. Made of stainless steel.

Bag support

Designed to place flexible containers, such as thin pouches. The number of positions and size can be customized. Made of stainless steel.

Rectangular basket

Accessory recommended for processing large loads or large containers. Only 1 basket is used per benchtop model. Made of stainless steel.

The characteristics of our benchtop autoclaves make them ideal to perform pilot batches and product development tests in R&D settings of the food and packaging industries, as well as for training centers and universities.

If you belong to any of these fields, you can now discover the advantages and benefits of our benchtop autoclaves.

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