Luca Montersino

Luca Montersino, renowned Italian chef and cooking teacher, pastry chef and creator of preserves.
Luca Montersino
Conservas elaboradas por Luca Montersino con las autoclaves TERRA Food-Tech
Company: Luca Montersino s.r.l.
Foundation: 2015
Location: Republic of San Marino (Italy)
Activity: Training and processing of food and confectionery products
Distribution: Italy and the Republic of San Marino. Online, worldwide!
Model: TERRA Food-Tech® vertical autoclave CFS-50V

There is no doubt that Luca Montersino is a very versatile professional in the kitchen. Chef since the age of 21, teacher, writer, television cooking show host and consultant for pastry shops, restaurants and companies, among many others. In 2005 he created the Golosi di salute ® brand, with which he introduced the concept of healthy pastries. In 2020, he co-founded a cooking and pastry school and a year later he moved to San Marino where, with his partner, he gave life to the first web-based cooking and pastry school ICOOKEAT , where, at present, he is dedicated to teaching through live and recorded courses. From all of this, his interest in experimenting, trying new recipes and other ways of cooking stands out.

Problem: need to innovate and research new ways of cooking

Luca Montersino cooking

If anything characterizes Luca Montersino, it is his desire to discover different cooking methods to “create something new”. To create innovative recipes that cater to the needs and tastes of people. Preparations that take into account food intolerances and are healthy, without any loss of flavor and quality.

This drive to innovate led him in 2005 to create Golosi di salute® with the aim of promoting healthy pastries for everyone, including people with gluten, dairy or egg intolerance.

Under this brand he produced tasty tomato sauces, rich fresh fruit jams and hazelnut and pistachio spreads. All of them without added sugars or preservatives.

Luca Montersino was skilled at preparing and preserving homemade sauces, jams, and compotes. However, this traditional method didn’t align with his goal of creating low-sugar, safe-to-consume, and long-lasting preparations.

Fruit and sample of preserves produced by Luca Montersino with TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves.

“In pastry, most products have a shelf life of only one day. Being able to prepare creations with a very long expiration date is something truly impressive to me!”

Luca Montersino

Until then, he had resorted to different methods of food preservation, such as the steam oven for pasteurization, which allowed him to reach 110ºC for 30 minutes and prepare mainly sugary foods like jams.

Challenge: to apply this knowledge to other recipes

Luca Montersino making pastry products.

In order to be able to market their preserves, they had to be professionally heat-treated beforehand. This meant that he needed a team whose format matched the size of his production. And, at the same time, allow you to know the traceability of the product, minimize organoleptic changes and automate part of the process.

Luca knew what he needed but was unsure if it existed, yet he was willing to adapt to market realities. After extensive searching on the Internet, he eventually found our autoclave and then contacted Fabio of Astori Tecnica, a TERRA Food-Tech® distributor in Italy.

Solution: professional sterilization equipment

Luca Montersino with the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave. Preserves made by Luca Montersino with the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves and sample of his preserves

The autoclave from TERRA Food-Tech® opened up a world of possibilities for Luca Montersino, allowing him to sterilize his sauces, jams and compotes to be sold both in different stores throughout Italy and online. At the same time, it also gave him ideas for new lines of business. One was to try to develop other canned recipes to market them in gourmet stores, while the other was to offer training on the subject. All of them worked and work for him.

Since then, in addition to Golosi di salute® foods, he has prepared other recipes such as tuna in oil, meat ragout, broths and legumes. Among the different training courses it offers, there are options dedicated to canned vegetables, compotes or jams. In them, he teaches ways to prepare and preserve these ingredients, both at home and in a more professional way with the autoclave.

If you ask Luca Montersino about one of his turning points, he will surely mention the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave, which allowed him to experiment with new cooking methods and teach others what he has learned.

Preserves produced by Luca Montersino with TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves

“I would recommend TERRA Food-Tech® without hesitation. In fact, I have already done so. One of my customers even bought one thanks to me on the condition that I would then teach her how to make it work.”

Luca Montersino

This great Italian chef is grateful to Fabio, without whom he wouldn’t have understood the machine and its parameters. He also says he is very happy with the service provided by TERRA Food-Tech®. It must be said that both we and Fabio from Astori Tecnica always try to give our best and that is much easier when we meet with cooking professionals as eager to learn, to try and experiment as Luca Montersino. So thank you, you’ve made everything so much easier for us!

“I think the canning world is a great business opportunity because being able to offer recipes with a long shelf life is every chef’s dream.”

Luca Montersino

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