Compact autoclaves for preserves and ready meals

TERRA Food-Tech ® autoclaves can sterilize and pasteurize food packaged in cans, glass or plastic.

They are designed for the cooking, sterilization and pasteurization of packaged foods using a heart temperature probe placed on a product sample. This allows a perfect control of the entire process while preserving the organoleptic properties and minimizing possible changes in the nutritional characteristics of the final product.

Autoclaves for making preserves and ready meals

Vertical Autoclaves


Main features

The different characteristics of TERRA Food-Tech ® autoclaves to pasteurize or sterilize food make a small equipment a great production partner that is cost-efficient, fast and versatile.

Adjustable F₀ - P₀

Accurately pasteurizes or sterilizes using F₀ and P₀ values

Traceability for audits

Manage and record the process from start to finish with our software