Comida para mascotas Hundebar.
Company: Hundebar
Foundation: 2017
Location: Prague (Czech Republic)
Activity: Canned food for cats and dogs
Distribution: Czech Republic
Model: TERRA Food-Tech® vertical autoclave CFS-110V

Healthy food, without chemicals, for dogs and cats, prepared under the supervision of a veterinarian and an expert in animal nutrition.

Hundebar is a healthy and natural alternative to industrially produced pet food. It is an option for those dog and/or cat owners who are concerned about food quality and who want their most beloved companions to eat as well and as healthy as they do. In their online store they offer pet food packed in reusable glass jars that are filled with 100% natural ingredients based on beef, chicken, turkey or fish, as well as veal sausages. Natural, tasty and eco-friendly pet food.

“From our perspective as producers of pet food, we are convinced that the preparation of canned food for dogs and cats is a great business opportunity.”

Markéta Táborská, owner of Hundebar

Problem: becoming the benchmark in natural pet food

Hundebar artisan pet food

The Hunderbar team set out to distinguish itself as the healthiest and most natural pet food from all the existing offer in the Czech Republic. For this they had, from the beginning, the advice of a veterinarian and an expert in animal nutrition. Likewise, they also took and take into account the opinion of the owners of dogs and/or cats because, after all, they are the ones who know their pets best.

Hunderbar’s greatest difficulty did not lie in the elaboration of its product, since they had a high quality raw material and professional guidance, but in its presentation. They had to differentiate themselves from their competition and also gain their target audience trust. To do this, they decided to show the inside of their products and not hide the content, and they did so by presenting their food in glass jars.

Challenge: obtain a stable and visually attractive product

By presenting its products in completely transparent glass jars, Hunderbar’s main objective was to preserve to the maximum of natural nutrients of their food (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) while keeping all the ingredients visually attractive and recognizable.

In addition, they needed a suitable heat treatment to offer a stable and durable product with an acceptable shelf life. And to be able to offer this image in a consistent manner in each and every one of their lots.

Solution: design the perfect sterilization process

Hundebar pet food made with TERRA Food-Tech autoclaves

“Without the autoclave, it would have been very difficult for us to produce our high-quality canned food for dogs and cats. Because in addition to requiring an excellent presentation, we also needed a long shelf life and an easy storage.”

Markéta Táborská, owner of Hundebar

With the food technical service by TERRA Food-Tech ® they studied and analyzed how to meet these goals. With their help, they ran many tests to find the correct parameters settings for our products sterilization process.

“We highly recommend TERRA Food-Tech autoclaves® because I can fully say that we had a very specific expectations and these were met with success.”

Markéta Táborská, owner of Hundebar

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