Preparation of preserves for entrepreneurs

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All the details to understand what F0 value is and what role it plays in the sterilization of preserved foods

Antoni Izquierdo, after more than 52 years as one of the gastronomic references of Palamós and El Baix Empordà, regions

Discover the enormous potential of selling gourmet canned food, a great business opportunity According to the dictionary, canned food, such

All you need to know about sterilization of gourmet preserved food or ready meals for subsequent commercialization Packaged food sterilization

Food processing techniques to prevent food deterioration and ensure good condition during consumption Human beings have always preserved food with

We’ve performed a direct comparison of sterilization vs pasteurization using TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves Both pasteurization and sterilization are thermal processing

Producing preserved food can be a business opportunity for farmers, since it is a way to monetize your crops and

In addition to allowing time and money savings, making canned food at restaurants is also a great business opportunity The

Download this complete dictionary with the definitions of the main terms used in the canning world. Are you involved in

We explain the reasons why it is essential that in your gourmet preserves there is an empty space at the

5 steps to create your own preserved food business At TERRA Food-Tech® we have been providing our support and knowledge

Key tips to ensure that your preserves and ready meals do not suffer unexpected changes in their smell, taste, color

How does pH influence food? What role does it play in gourmet preserves and ready meals? If you have been

When we buy a processed food we must take into account many factors. For example, the taste, the quality of

The sterilization of canned food is a preservation technique where food is subjected to high temperatures for a certain period

Aixada Preserves Aixada Conservas is a line of gourmet tapenade preserves, sold alone or accompanied with other foods such as

Luca Marchini’s name is synonymous with Italian haute cuisine. This chef, born in Tuscany in 1971 but living in Modena

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, restaurants, cooks and chefs are looking for new opportunities that allow them to continue

Shared workshops allow local producers to have a workshop with professional machinery without the need to incur in an initial investment, accompanied with professional advice and the possibility of being able to pilot the viability of their project before starting their own business.

Do you know what Fo and Po values are? Do you know what values to apply for the pasteurization or

Do you know which are the most appropriate containers for canning? Do you know the containers that can be subjected

Do you need assistance or technical support to prepare your preserves? Would you like to have an expert team at

Nowadays, Spain is one of the main producers of preserves in the world, where the variety of canned foods ranges

The European quality policy recognizes and protects, through labeling, the safety during the production, transformation and distribution of food. Some

Differences between sterilization and pasteurization Maybe you’re still messing around with pasteurizing and sterilizing. It is normal. The sterilization and

Pasteurization is a physical process based on the heat treatment of liquid and solid foods to substantially reduce their microbiological

For the production of canned food -vegetables or animals- to be generated under good safety conditions and also these can

The objective of the sterilization of food packed in hermetic containers is the destruction of all bacteria, including their spores,