Pasteurization and sterilization key terms dictionary

Pasteurization and sterilization key terms dictionary

Download this complete dictionary with the definitions of the main terms used in the canning world.

Are you involved in the production of gourmet preserves and/or ready meals? Are you considering it for this new year?

Whatever your case may be, we are sure there are many terms and concepts related to the production of gourmet canned food and/or ready meals that you are not familiar with. It is normal. There is a lot of information to take into account and, in addition, it is usually very technical.

For this reason, at TERRA Food-Tech® we have prepared a small dictionary for you with those words and notions that can be very useful when preparing your preserves and/or ready meals.

Dictionary of key concepts for the production of canned and/or prepared dishes

In this dictionary (just download it), you will find the definition, clear and simple, of more than twenty terms, all of them concerning the elaboration of gourmet preserves and/or prepared dishes. In addition, many of these definitions are accompanied by extra information, such as explanatory articles from our blog or other reference websites.

We know that we may have missed some words along the way. Therefore, we will be updating this dictionary with new definitions and ideas. In addition, as we like to listen to you and know what you need, we ask you to tell us if there is any word that you do not understand and you want us to include it in this compilation. Don’t hesitate and contact us!

So, if you want to start the year knowing what are Fo and Po values, the thermowell or the drill kit… we invite you to download this dictionary right now.

Canning business with TERRA Food-Tech®.

Producer elaborating handmade preserves.

Whether you are thinking about starting a canning and/or ready meals business, or you already have one and want to professionalize your business, TERRA Food-Tech® is here to help you. It’s true, we sell autoclaves, that’s our business, but we’ve also been doing this for a long time.

Hand in hand with RAYPA, a brand with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of sterilization equipment, we created our compact autoclaves specially designed to meet the demand of small packaged food producers.

n addition, our commitment to the micro-entrepreneur leads us to offer equipment and personalized advice to develop new gourmet preserves and/or packaged ready meals and launch them to the market.

New year … new canning business

Guide to start your own canning business

And since we love to give gifts. If you are at that point in your life when you know that 2022 will be your breakthrough in the production of gourmet preserves and/or ready meals, we recommend that you read our guide about how to start a preserved food and ready meals business your own gourmet canning and ready meals business, where we explain the 5 steps to create your own business.

Let others inspire you

And if you feel that what you need is inspiration, in our success stories you will find the example of many small producers, entrepreneurs, chefs, cooks and restaurateurs who have seen in the elaboration of gourmet preserves and/or prepared dishes an interesting line of business.

Calculate your productive capacity

Production capacity calculator for the production of gourmet canned food and ready meals with autoclave.

Calculate online and free of charge your production capacity per cycle, i.e. the amount of containers you can process per cycle according to each model of our autoclaves.

If you have any doubts or if you want to enter the exciting world of gourmet preserves and/or packaged ready meals, you can contact us . We will help you launch your business.

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