How to start your own preserved food or ready meals business

How to start your own preserved food or ready meals business

5 steps to create your own preserved food business

Vegetables and greens to create your own preserved business

At TERRA Food-Tech® we have been providing our support and knowledge in new business ventures for more than fifteen years in launching new gourmet prepared dishes and preserved food businesses, resulting in numerous success stories in our curriculum.

Since 2003 we have been working closely with restaurateurs, cooks, chefs, micro-entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs who produce ready meals and preserved food in Spain and abroad. We share a common interest with all of them, which is to offer the best packaged and preserved food. Food that after sterilization and / or pasteurization must always comply with food safety quality standards and shouldn’t lose its nutritional, aroma and flavor qualities.

The ready meals and gourmet preserved food sector is broad and delicate, as it deals with something as fundamental and sensitive as food. Any ingredient can be packaged and preserved. From fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, soups, creams, purees, juices, jams, sauces, stir-fries, meat spreads or ready meals. And in any type of container (for more information on containers suitable for sterilization we advise you to read this article on our Blog).

If you want to develop and market a preserved food product, in addition to analyzing your potential competition and evaluating the production process and food safety protocols, you should also create a brand image and consider how you will distribute the product without forgetting the labeling and packaging of your preserves and ready meals.

Your own preserved food business with TERRA Food-Tech®

Local producer or entrepreneur working in her own preserved food business

TERRA Food-Tech® has extensive experience in the sector. For more than a decade we have been offering technical and food consultancy services and provided training and technical preparation in the implementation and development of products.

Together with RAYPA , a global leader in the development of sterilization equipment with more than 40 years of experience, we help you to evaluate your production process, product formulation, ingredients and we also offer technical support in matters of health legislation and labeling. You will find all the details of our advisory service and technical support for preserves in our Blog.

Producer making preserves for his own preserved business.

Many local producers, cooks, chefs and entrepreneurs have dared to enter the world of canning with TERRA Food-Tech®, such as the prestigious Italian Michelin star chef Luca Marchini. You will find an interview published on our Blog where he tells us all about his experience with his new line of Bottega da Re preserves.

In addition, on our website we offer you the success stories of different entrepreneurs. Surely they will serve you as a reference to take the final step and start your own business of ready meals and gourmet preserves.

Guide with the 5 steps to create your own preserved food business

Thanks to our experience and also to our desire to continue guiding and collaborating with restaurateurs, micro-entrepreneurs and small producers of preserved food, we offer you a downloadable guide with the basic steps to follow so that you can create your own preserved food business.

This Manual will give you a clear idea of what it means to enter into the exciting world of ready meals and gourmet preserved food. Are you ready? Well, here you have the Guide with the 5 steps to create your own preserved food business.

How to start your own gourmet preservs and ready meals business with TERRA Food-Tech
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