Advice and technical support for the preparation of your preserves

Advice and technical support for the preparation of your preserves

Do you need assistance or technical support to prepare your preserves?

Would you like to have an expert team at your disposal to advise you on legislation, batch labeling and other technical issues?

Do you want to develop a new product or are you looking for help to solve a problem in your production process?

At TERRA Food-Tech® we offer both technical support and food consultancy services for small producers who start out in the preparation of preserves or for those companies that want to outsource their food testing and thus achieve time and cost savings in the analysis of their new projects.

The acquisition of any of our TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves includes a first initial technical support and consultancy evaluation of the heat treatment used to prepare your preserves.

We have the support of a food engineering laboratory, experts in analyzing food products, ingredients and processes. TERRA Food-Tech®’s food consultancy consists in the evaluation of the process used in making preserves, formulations and ingredients and also to develop feasibility studies for new food products. In addition, we offer technical support in terms of legislation, batch labeling and autoclave selection advice.

Advice and technical support

Technical support for the preparation of preserves.

In more detail, the free consultancy and technical support services we offer are applicable for 1 product and these include:

Productivity analysis

To maximize the production process, the maximum capacity per cycle according to the TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave purchased and type of packaging used is studied thoroughly. We do these studies on a case-by-case basis for all types of containers, including glass jars, pouches, semi-rigid containers or trays. After this evaluation, the quantity of packed food that can be produced per cycle and the expected run time of each sterilization process are calculated.

Initial evaluation

The client sends us several product samples with a technical sheet specifying the TERRA Food-Tech® equipment they own, the sterilization parameters used in the production process and information regarding the packaging of the finished product. In this first evaluation, the ingredients, the chosen thermal processing, the commercialization temperature and the desired shelf life are analyzed in detail. After this evaluation the most suitable procedure and sterilization parameters for the preparation of the product are established.

Heat treatment test

In order to avoid food deterioration by microorganism growth and optimize the target organoleptic properties of the final food product, the sterilization parameters of the technique are evaluated in detail using our autoclaves, including the Z & Fo values and the sterilization time and temperature with the objective to preserve the organoleptic and safety characteristics of the finished product.

Stability tests

In this section, the stability of the finished product is studied and recommendations are issued to minimize the deterioration or the development of microorganisms in the final product. Parameters such as the growth of microorganisms or changes in the acidity of the product are studied after subjecting it to various temperatures on laboratory ovens. These tests are of vital importance to validate the sterilization or pasteurization technique used.

Food laboratory, technical support for canning

Advice by email or phone

After the purchase of a TERRA Food-Tech® autoclave the client has 3 initial months in which support is offered free-of-charge when required.

TERRA Food-Tech® autoclaves with support included

Professional autoclaves for canning

TERRA Food Tech® autoclaves for canned food are a product of the evolution of the RAYPA brand. More than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of sterilization equipment guarantees that these compact autoclaves meet the demand both of small canned food producers and researchers of the food industry.

Our commitment to the micro-entrepreneur and medium-sized companies leads us to offer best-in-class equipment and personalized advice that guarantees optimal conditions for going to market while complying with all sanitary regulations. Contact our sales teamtoday for more details on our consultancy services and to find out the autoclave that best suits your business or your research.

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