Italian Michelin Star chef Luca Marchini: “I have created the Bottega Da Re line of preserves to enter homes through food”

Italian Michelin Star chef Luca Marchini: “I have created the Bottega Da Re line of preserves to enter homes through food”

Luca Marchini’s name is synonymous with Italian haute cuisine. This chef, born in Tuscany in 1971, but living in Modena since the age of seventeen, is an example of love for the flavors of his land and also of personal improvement.

Luca Marchini did not felt he had enough with his Restaurant L’Erba del Re or his Michelin Star obtained in 2008, nor with his Catering Erba del Re, nor with his Amaltea Cooking School nor with his Trattoria Pomposa. So, faced with the situation of confusion caused by the pandemic and marked by the temporary closures of its different businesses, he decided to create a new line of preserves with the intention of selling them directly to third parties and also through an online store, La Bottega da Re, inaugurated in September 2020.

This gastronomy lover decided not to remain stuck waiting for the situation to improve and chose to access new markets and share his passion for the most precious flavors of the Emiliana region and all of Italy through glass jars.

In this fashion he now produces all kinds of preserves, from pickled vegetables, roasted peppers, to sophisticate sauces, the result of years of research and experimentation in his own restaurant. Without forgetting at any time the basic fundamentals: raw materials, technique and love for cooking.

Interview with Luca Marchini

Much has already been written about Luca Marchini. However, from Terra Food Tech® we want to know a little more about him. Hence this interview that this Michelin star chef has gladly granted us. In addition, in our success stories you will discover his experience in this new business opportunity for restaurateurs.

You have learned about the art of gastronomy thanks to great chefs like Massimo Bottura, with whom you started your career, Bruno Barbieri and Jean Louis Nomicos. However, we know that your love for cooking comes from your childhood. When did you discover your passion for cooking?

I was a child who was very curious about the recipes that my mother and my grandmother prepared. I was fascinated (in fact, I was also involved) by everything they could create with any type of ingredients, even the simplest and most common. For me that was magical. Also, I must confess that I have always had a sweet tooth.

You created the Ristorante L’Erba del Re in 2003. And from then on it was a non-stop, in 2004 you opened the Catering Erba del Re, in 2011 the Amaltea Cooking School, in 2015 the Trattoria Pomposa-al Re gras and, now, your new line of preserves Da Re. Why? Didn’t you have enough with the restaurant?

Can you ever get enough of an art you adore? Good food can be interpreted in a thousand different ways… isn’t it great to rediscover them every time? A line of preserves that comes straight to your home is a way to get closer to people, even reaching their home, without being intrusive. Each recipe can now reach anyone in Italy and abroad.

Bottega da Re preserves from Luca Marchini

Bottega da Re line of preserves by Michelin star chef Luca Marchini.

Let’s focus on your latest entrepreneurship adventure, preserved food. Why did you decide to create a line of preserves?

I created this line of products with a very specific objective: to really enter homes through food. And not only that, but also because I know that with this intelligent line of gourmet flavors we can accompany the new habits and needs of people.

What has this new adventure meant to you given the current pandemic situation?

It has been a new challenge for all our staff. As the quality of the raw materials is the same that I use in my restaurants, the preservation method used, without artificial preservatives, required a detailed study and tests. But we want to continue discovering, improving and, above all, seeking a true dialogue with people… even at home.

All staff were required to receive more specific training and this enriched them with experience. Income and sales are not stable yet, the market is really a conversation and to understand the “Babel of tastes” you need a lot of listening and excellent products, the same ones that you would like to offer to your family.

Are preserves a new business opportunity?

More than a “new opportunity” I would say that they are an “evolution of habits”. What changes is what you offer and its format, but the raw materials, the craftsmanship, the years of experience in haute cuisine and the many stories of my land remain the same.

Regarding the technique in the kitchen and in the world of canning, how important has the Terra Food Tech® autoclave been?

Essential, it is as important as food safety. A good recipe is not enough, the product is finished when the excellence of the raw materials and the authenticity of the recipe are preserved intact and unaltered.

What problems did you experience when it comes to preserving food?

How can I deliver to people’s homes my best product that remains unaltered? How to avoid any type of structural and aesthetic oxidation? Here is the important role of technology: ensuring product integrity to provide customer security. After some testing, we found the right mix of technology.

How was the advice of TERRA Food-Tech®? How was your experience with our company? How was your experience with our company?

Excellent customer experience, meets expectations and allows you to work with the utmost quality. Without a doubt an excellent purchase.

Would you recommend Terra Food Tech® to other chefs?

Definitely. I would recommend it because it is the solution to ensure the quality and “resistance” of recipes. A great partner to promote a new product line.

What future plans does Luca Marchini have, in general, and with regard to his line of preserves, in particular?

The project is to test people’s tastes and broaden the choice of the product line, exploring the wonderful recipes of the Italian territory, including preserves, great leavened products and pastries.

Thank you Luca Marchini for granting us this interview. From TERRA Food-Tech®, we wish you many more successes in the future.
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