How to determine if gourmet preserves are safe?


The European quality policy recognizes and protects, through labeling, the safety during the production, transformation and distribution of food.

Some of the certifications such as those of origin and own seals can be a distinctive element when choosing a canned food. In general, the information to take into account when choosing a canned food includes: the name of the food, the ingredients, the detail of allergens or intolerances, the amounts of nutrients, the dates of maximum consumption and expiration, the conservation conditions , the data of the company responsible for the preparation of the canned food, its place of origin and the nutritional information.

It is important to keep in mind that one of the fundamental elements to guarantee, vis-à-vis the distribution chain and consumers, that gourmet preserves are safe, is that it have the corresponding sanitary permits for the distribution of food, issued by the competent authorities. in Spain and in the European Union, as the case may be.

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