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Discover all the steps to follow for proper autoclave maintenance The equation is very simple: correct use and proper maintenance

Download this complete dictionary with the definitions of the main terms used in the canning world. Are you involved in

The advantages of having an autoclave are that allows you to memorize all the variables to prepare your preserves and/or

Do you want to know what is behind a good container? We will start this article with a daily situation:

Key tips to ensure that your preserves and ready meals do not suffer unexpected changes in their smell, taste, color

Retorts for pilot batches and R&D tests Many of us do not realise that behind any preserve or ready meal

The sterilization of canned food is a preservation technique where food is subjected to high temperatures for a certain period

Do you know what Fo and Po values are? Do you know what values to apply for the pasteurization or

Do you know which are the most appropriate containers for canning? Do you know the containers that can be subjected

Nowadays, Spain is one of the main producers of preserves in the world, where the variety of canned foods ranges

The European quality policy recognizes and protects, through labeling, the safety during the production, transformation and distribution of food. Some

Differences between sterilization and pasteurization Maybe you’re still messing around with pasteurizing and sterilizing. It is normal. The sterilization and

Pasteurization is a physical process based on the heat treatment of liquid and solid foods to substantially reduce their microbiological

For the production of canned food -vegetables or animals- to be generated under good safety conditions and also these can

The objective of the sterilization of food packed in hermetic containers is the destruction of all bacteria, including their spores,