A new business opportunity for chefs and restaurateurs: gourmet preserves and ready meals

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Given the current situation, restaurateurs, cooks and chefs are looking for new opportunities that allow them to continue with their business without dying in the attempt. And the preparation of ready meals and gourmet preserves has become a clear opportunity for all of them.

More and more gastronomy professionals dare to pack their sauces or star dishes for take away, reaching a greater number of potential customers and opening a new market beyond the walls of the restaurant. To enable this, it is critical to properly control food microorganism growth present in food and doing so without damaging food. If done right, this will drastically increase the date of expiry of the product, it will avoid cold chain distribution and wont change product characteristics.

A new business opportunity for restaurateurs

TERRA Food-Tech autoclaves for cooking, pasteurization and sterilization of all types of packaged food.

Cooking, pasteurization and sterilization prevent perishable items from ending up in the trash and wasting food and money. This makes possible to reusal the purchase of raw material, cook it and keep it for much longer in perfect conditions for later use in the restaurant itself or to sell to third parties. Its profitability is undeniable, since it represents an economic saving in the management of raw materials and a better organization and exploitation of time in the kitchen, when the staff does not attend to diners requests, they can dedicate themselves to cooking the prepared or preserved dishes for later sale.

Thanks to TERRA Food-Tech® compact retorts, it is possible for restaurateurs and other professionals in the sector to easily carry out the cooking, pasteurization and sterilization of all types of packaged food: fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, soups, creams, purees, juices, jams, sauces, stir-fries, patés, ready meals … And in all kinds of containers, including plastic trays, glass jars and pouches among other items. More information about suitable containers for pasteurization and/or sterilization here.

In addition, TERRA Food-Tech® knows that food safety and quality are of utmost importance, and since 2013, it has accompanied and advised its customers at all times so that they obtain the best results while complying with all applicable food quality and safety standards.

A brand born form RAYPA, a global leader in the development of sterilization equipment with more than 40 years of experience in the autoclave business, TERRA Food-Tech® teams up with restaurateurs, micro-entrepreneurs and small producers of preserved food who seek to offer its customers their best product served at any time.

Technical and food consultancy for the elaboration of gourmet prepared dishes and preserves

TERRA Food-Tech® offers technical and food advice to restaurateurs, cooks, chefs and all those who wish to prepare gourmet prepared dishes and preserves. We provide training, technical preparation and personal support in the start-up and development of your products. We help to evaluate your production process, formulations, ingredients and also technical support regarding health legislation and labeling. For the purchase of any of our autoclaves, customers have a free first consulting service during the first 3 months, which can be extended for a longer time according to the needs of each client.

If you are a restaurateur, cook or chef looking to expand your business with the preparation of gourmet preserves or prepared dishes, do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information or to further explore the type of retort that best suits your business, we will be delighted to to be able to help you.

Great chefs take advantage of this new business opportunity

Bottega da Re new product line by Michelin Star Chef Luca Marchini, from L’Erba del Re Restaurant in Modena (Italy).

More and more professional chefs and cooks are taking advantage of this new opportunity to expand their business, such as Michelin Star Chef Luca Marchini, from L’Erba del Re Restaurant in Modena (Italy). In their Bottega da Re side business, the team formed by Luca Marchini and TERRA Food-Tech® managed to transfer the flavors of Italy into a jar, without losing their subtle aromas and delicate nuances. A delicacy from the hand of this world-renowned chef and TERRA Food-Tech® retorts.

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